inTune Herbalists
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Welcome to InTune Herbalists

We are trained herbalists who believe the use of herbal medicine, whole foods, and life style choices, can make a difference in the way your body works and therefore in the way you feel each day.

Educated in the use of herbs and food as part of an integrative health strategy, we practice traditional and proven methods of healing which are complementary to modern medicine.

We create custom herbal formulas specifically for you, based on your own physical, energetic, and symptomatic needs. Primarily we use western herbs indigenous to North America and Europe along with some Chinese and Ayurvedic plants.

Also, we may recommend foods and food sources for you since we believe that local and organic foods are your best source of nutrients.

As herbalists we do not diagnose or treat illness. We work to support your body in performing as it was designed. We are always conscious of the safety of herbs and the drug-herb interactions.